Straight Colored Men by

I can’t tell you what I wished you would be doing. I can’t redefine masculinity. I can’t redefine Black masculinity certainly. I am in the business of redefining Black womanness. You are in the business of redefining Black masculinity…I don’t… Continue Reading


Big Science by

i. the departure 1942: My father was G.I. Taylor, the English physicist who worked on fluid dynamics. My grandfather was J. J. Thomson, who basically discovered the electron. And my great-grandfather was George Boole, who requires no introduction. Naturally, it… Continue Reading


The Insect Wife by

01. One morning we wake up to termite wings. It is our honeymoon. Odd and fumbling, we laugh in disbelief; we drink more rum than water, calculating gallons as a way to pass the days. From styrofoam containers: greasy donuts,… Continue Reading