Big Science by

i. the departure 1942: My father was G.I. Taylor, the English physicist who worked on fluid dynamics. My grandfather was J. J. Thomson, who basically discovered the electron. And my great-grandfather was George Boole, who requires no introduction. Naturally, it… Continue Reading


Disney World by

The hotel room is wrecked with empty bottles. It smells like sweat and cigarettes, and on the TV the college kids bump and grind through spring break. All night these flickering reality shows have been getting it on in the… Continue Reading


Banana Tree by

Lan resented that her children were smart. There were four of them. Each only a year apart. Nathalie and Nathan had been on honor roll since the 9th grade. Her first two had already gone. She saw Amy four times… Continue Reading

Fiction Issue 3

Francesca by

Tehachapi was a rugged area parched for water and education and jobs and a million other things. Her father was a construction worker and her mother was a veterinarian. Soon after she was born her mother lost the practice and… Continue Reading

Fiction Issue 2
Song of Roland

Song of Roland by

They are hard little mankilling devices. I have made them myself, twenty-nine of them, that is seven and seven and seven on my belt and seven in my fist and one in the chamber. Their heads are dimpledandhollow.

Fiction Issue 2