Response to “The World Islands”

by on February 20, 2013

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Illustration by Sally ScopaIllustration by Sally Scopa


If the ultimate homecoming of death happens when you’re far from home—on vacation, or on business, or while in some distant and dissociated emotional state—your whole life must suddenlybecomefraughtwith the strangeness of having, at the last moment, failed to reach a conclusion. You end up frozen forever in the act of “just passing through.”

Especially if it happens in the artificially over-familiar ex-pat enclave of The World Islands, in an air-conditioned city boiling with desert heat, ancient tensions, and spooky new money, your death is bound to go unrecognized and unaccounted for, like you might rise from the dead a little hung-over, muttering, “What happens in Vegas … ”

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