Response to “Transmission Man”

by on November 29, 2011

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Illustration by Sally ScopaIllustration by Sally Scopa

I woke up the other morning with a girl’s face clouding my vision. Thoughts of her saturated my first waking moments. With every bite of cereal, her presence made itself known to my still hazy consciousness.Sheissomeone I see every day at work. Aside from fleeting weekly interactions, I have never given her much thought; indeed, I have not thought of her since that morning.

In my dream we were lovers. Not lovers in the flesh, or even platonic companions; yet we were utterly entwined with one another. There, in the dream, fragments of her face from a certain angle, the timbre of her laugh, the way she walked, all struck me as deeply significant, reflective of a deeper truth about the nature of my reality. Iwas hers entirely. When she spoke I heard the echo of my own voice, or some combination of hers and mine on some AM station only we knew how to find.

I don’t know what this means about my relationship with the girl; I am not tempted to read anything into it. And yet this dream has stuck with me. Every now and then, I reflect on the person that I was in that dream and what has become of him.

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