Dear Reader

by on November 18, 2011


Let’s talk.

When we say that The Bad Version is all about conversation, you might ask: What does that actually mean? Well, first and foremost, we’re talking about an open-minded approach to critical and creative writing that begins a discussion, instead of a series of proclamations that end it. Each piece in our magazine is conceived as a a conversation starter and placed in dialogue with an attendant response from the get-go. Think of it as a snapshot of a roundtable discussion.

Now think of this website as the roundtable itself. Every piece and every response from the magazine is freely available here, and by joining the conversational stream that accompanies them, you can carry their discussion forward, backward, or sideways—to take it down whichever path you think is most productive. We placed this conversational stream alongside each article rather than relegating it to the bottom of the page because we see it as an essential part of the experience, and we want you to jump back and forth between the original piece and the ongoing dialogue it engenders.

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